Are theatre festivals fun?

Is it fun to spend your day with a bunch of creative funny people? Is it truly worth to dedicate your day for the belle art? Well yes, in my opinion it is, and because our magazine speaks about things that inspire, I thought to give you a glimpse at what it means to work in a theatre festival. I myself have participated in a few theatre festivals as a volunteer and let me tell you, you can see the world differently from behind the curtains.

It’s all about the community!

Laughter and friendship, this is how I can describe the community and the atmosphere that it provides – it gives you that impression of intercultural bonding. Through my years of working in a festival I have made hundreds of friends from all around the world, teenagers like me, but also accomplished actors and entertainers, that I am proud to call friends.

Even the most eccentric director will invite you to go out for a dinner to celebrate, of course if everything goes exactly as planned. Therefore, I emphasise on the community – from the locals and participants everyone is more than happy to help and will welcome you with an open heart.

A one of a kind experience

I know I already spoke about experience, but now I want to tell you about the cultural experience and what it means to be present on stage. Yes, on stage! In a theatre festival you are not going to be just a volunteer but also an actor. Lots of theatre companies wish to include their volunteers in their plays, so yes, I can proudly say I am an actress as well! Moving on it is not only, the privilege to work with some inspiring people, but also to admire art at its highest. Usually, if you are working in a theatre festival you will have the chance to enter all shows for free .

Party on the street

Art, as many other ways of expression, is constantly evolving, and outdoor performances are at a peak. Therefore, shows on the street are a unique way of showing people and convincing them that theatre is still a way of expression – that is why next time when you see a live street performance, join the fun!

So, if you feel convinced and feel like adding something interesting to your background and CV, try considering something like this, and you will certainly enrich your cultural experience and why not find friends for life!


Text: Iris Antonie

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