Our policies

FemDigital is an independent non-profit digital media based in Lund, Sweden. Established in 2017 by a student in Digital Cultures at Lund University, the website aims to make academic knowledge accessible. FemDigital is not just an information site but a vision for an open and informed society.

Use of content

Content published on the webpage is copyright of the submissions author. Content published on the website can be published elsewhere only after contacting us, the author, and after adding to the new article information that it is available also on FemDigital. Content of our materials cannot be changed orĀ infringed.

Code of Conduct

FemDigital discourages discriminative and offensive behaviour. Readers can share different opinions but should be respectful. We reserve our right to restrict users who use offensive language.


FemDigital does not gather information about its readers or writers. Contact information of writers is used only with the purpose of communication with the author.

For authors

Writing and publishing on the website is voluntary activity and everyone engaged with the website decide on their own how much time they are able to spend and how often to publish.

Each article has an author whose name is clearly stated. The author has the right to choose with what name to be presented, and even choose to be presented with another name, nickname, or not be mentioned at all (in this cases we write FemDigital).

Material submitted to us should be author’s own work and not plagiarism in any way. If a material violates someone’s copyright, patent or work, it is a legal responsibility of the author of the submission.

The texts remain copyright of the author and the author can use the published texts. If the author wants, she/he can also publish the material on other media, as long as it is stated in the new article that the text is also published on our website.

Authors have the right to request their article to be taken down if they no longer want it published.

If you are interested in publishing on the website, please send us a text of yours in English language. It should be around 2 pages long, in a Word-file. The topics can vary in society and/or culture, including non-text articles, for example video, picture or sound publications. Photos should be attached as separate files in high quality.

The procedure for publishing on the website:

1. Authors submit material to our working e-mail
2. The material goes to our editors to be checked for grammar mistakes, inappropriate (discriminative) content and evaluated for quality of the text
3. We contact back the author with eventual comments, recommendations or edits
4. With the author’s approval we publish the article publicly on the internet